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SMES (English)

SMES (Social Mobile Entities in Silico) Research Project

The main aim of the project is the design, implementation and experimentation of an integrated platform for the study, the analysis and the simulation of dynamic and complex collective phenomena. The class of phenomena on which the research will be focused is related to the social behaviours of distributed, mobile and autonomously interacting entities, such as vehicles, pedestrian, ethological agents, and such. The application areas of results in this research are not limited to the simulation and analysis of complex systems: in fact this research can support the design of traditional and innovative infrastructures in the urban civil context; the localization and configuration of high technological impact forms of communication; the realization of applications supporting the study of emergent social phenomena. Particular attention will be paid to the visualization of systems dynamics for sake of communicating results to non experts (e.g. 3D realistic rendering of simulated dynamics) according to the specific application domain requirements.

The modelling approach will be focused on two classes of models, particularly suited to represent and study complex dynamic phenomena: Cellular Automata and Multi-Agent Systems. The former have been widely applied as a formal and computational model supporting the study of complex problems and phenomena in several areas of application (such as physics, biology and social sciences) in which space has a fundamental role. Multi-Agent Systems paradigm provides instead the instruments to represent and manage complex systems characterized by the presence of autonomously interacting and possibly heterogeneous entities. In particular the Multi-layered Multi-Agent Situated System model allows to represent and to exploit spatial aspects of agents’ environment, which deeply influence their action and interaction, combining thus significant properties of the CA and MAS approaches.

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