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Dott. Mizar Luca Federici


Reasearch Activity: Study and modeling of pedestrian movement, crowd phenomena and micro-scale multi-agent based simulation

Short CV

Mizar Luca Federici has a philosophical formation with a Master’s Degree at the University of Milano. After working some years for a private company he took a postgraduate course in Computer Science for Humanities (Master MIU) at the University of Milano Bicocca and he is now at his third year of the Ph.d Program Qua_si (Information Society) in the same University. He collaborates with the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation (Lintar) and his main research area is the study of Crowd Phenomena and of Crowd Modelling and Agent Based Simulation.

Full Cv-Federici

Partial Pubblication List

Stefania Bandini, Mizar Luca Federici and Giuseppe Vizzari, Crowd Modeling and Simulation: the Situated Cellular Agents Approach, ABModSIM 2006 Proceedings: International Symposium on Agent Based Modelling and Simulation, Cybernetics and Systems 2006, Proceedings of the 18th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR), Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies,Vienna, Austria, 2006. Post-proceedings in press.

S. Bandini, M.L. Federici, S. Manzoni, G. Vizzari, Towards a Methodology for Situated Cellular Agent Based Crowd Simulations. Sixth International Workshop Engineering Societies in the Agents World (ESAW 2005), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 3963, pages 203-220, 2006.

M.L.Federici, S.Redaelli, G.Vizzari, Models abstractions and Phases in Multi-Agent Based Simulation, WOA 2006: dagli Oggetti agli Agenti, Catania, 2006

G.Vizzari, G.Pizzi, M.L. Federici, Visualization of Discrete Crowd Dynamics in a 3D Environment, First International Workshop on Crowds and Cellular Automata C&CA, Perpignan September 19-20, 2006, in ACRI 2006, Seventh International Conference on Cellular Automata and Industries

S. Bandini, M.L. Federici, G. Vizzari, A Methodology for Crowd Modelling with Situated Cellular Agents, in WOA 2005 Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti: Simulazione e Analisi Formale di Sistemi Complessi, 2005

National Pubblications

Bisiani Roberto, Merico Davide, Federici Mizar Luca, Monitoraggio e Caratterizzazione del Comportamento delle Folle, Atti di ``A passo d'uomo", Guerini, 2007 (in press)

S. Bandini, M. L. Federici, G. Vizzari, Modellazione e Simulazione di Folle con Agenti Cellulari Situati, Atti di “A passo d'uomo”, Guerini, 2007 (in press)

S. Bandini, M. L. Federici, G. Vizzari, Modellazione e Simulazione di Folle: l'Approccio degli Agenti Cellulari Situati, Atti del workshop “Approccio sistemico e complessità urbana alla microscala” 23-24 Febbraio 2006, Politecnico di Milano (in press)

Roberto Boselli, Mizar Luca Federici, Gianluigi Viscusi, DISCO qd 2006/02 , Ontologies: From Philosophy to Knowledge Integration, Department of Informatics, Systems and Communications, University of Milano Bicocca. Research Reports. Issn 1828-3357-60002, Isbn: 88-548-0688-9

Stefania Bandini, Mizar Luca Federici, Matteo Palmonari, Giuseppe Vizzari, Tecnologie della mobilità e servizi consapevoli del contesto in Mobilità e Società dell'Informazione, Information Anywhere, prefazione di Guido Martinotti per la Collana QUASI diretta da Guido Martinotti, Davide Diamantini e Roberto Bisiani, , © 2006 Edizioni Angelo Guerini e Associati SpA, Cap.15

Accepted Papers

Stefania Bandini, Mizar Luca Federici, Sara Manzoni and Giuseppe Vizzari, Pedestrian and Crowd Dynamics Simulation: Testing SCA on Paradigmatic Cases of Emerging Coordination in Negative Interaction Conditions , Sixteenth International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT) Brasov, Romania September 15-19, 2007

Bandini Stefania, Mizar Luca Federici, Manzoni Sara, A Qualitative Evaluation of Technologies and Techniques for Data Collection on Pedestrians and Crowded Situations, Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2007 (SCSC 07), San Diego, California (USA) July 15-18, 2007

Bandini Stefania, Mizar Luca Federici, Sara Manzoni, and Stefano Redaelli, A SCAbased model for Open Crowd aggregation, Multi-Agents for modelling Complex Systems (MA4CS) October 5th or 6th, 2007 Sattelite Conference of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2007 (ECCS'07) Dersden, Germany , October 1-6, 2007

Accepted Posters

Stefania Bandini, Mizar Luca Federici, Sara Manzoni, SCA Approach to Modeling of Emergent Crowds Behaviors, European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS 2007) Dresden October 1-5 Showcase of European Complexity Science Projects (CRP Forum), October 6.






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