We are pleased to announce to all the authors of accepted papers that their articles will appear into two issues of the KER journal during the 2009.

The issues will be the first and the third respectively, to be published in march and september 2009 in the Volume 24.

An official letter will be sent as soon as possible to announce the acceptation and publication of the papers.

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Journal and Special Issue Name

This is an invitation to submit contributions to the Special Issue on Ontology, Conceptualization and Epistemology for Software and System Engineering, that will appear (tentatively) on Autumn 2008. Special Issue will be hosted by Knowledge Engineering Review Journal

Guest Editors

  • Daniela Micucci (
    University of Milan - Bicocca, ITALY
  • Fabio Sartori (
    University of Milan - Bicocca, ITALY
  • Marzia Adorni (
    University of Milan - Bicocca, ITALY


Thanks to the success of the 2nd International Workshop on Ontology, Conceptualization and Epistemology for Software and System Engineering (ONTOSE 2007, see details at a growing interest in the definition of new frameworks for the development of high quality software systems emerges.

Software Engineering and the broader discipline of Systems Engineering have matured in the last years as disciplines with specific techniques, methods and principles. This has resulted in considerable research on aspects that are related to the disciplines in themselves, as for example, how empirical research should be conducted, what are the conditions for "valid" knowledge, how design theory is constructed and which is the scope of theories in the field. These are elements that are of interest from the perspective of philosophy in general, and of specific interest to ontology and epistemological inquiry. Concretely, the material and temporal entities that are dealt with in the field are a matter of ontology, and the conditions for credibility of statements and research methods are a matter of epistemology.

The design and implementation of complex and high quality software systems today require more and more the understanding of theoretical, epistemological and conceptual frameworks coming from the human sciences. The common interest on ontology is an actual and scientifically grounded research area. The joined involvement of researchers on Software and Systems Engineering investigating on Ontology through conceptualization, epistemology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence will open both novel networking possibilities and the sharing of common scientific and cultural interests.

Aims and Scope

The goal of the special issue is to give an overview of the state-of-the-art research on the design of high quality software systems. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Ontology and formal ontology representations of Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Information Systems.
  • Studies and essays about metrics, indicators and general issues regarding research on Software and Systems Engineering.
  • Conceptualizations, bodies of knowledge or schemas for SE or SWE representation.
  • Applications that deal with representations of concepts and relations of the disciplines.
  • Social, psychological and organizational issues about the disciplines.
  • Epistemological and philosophical aspect of software development;
  • Architectural patterns for the design of high-quality software;
  • UML modeling;
  • Case Studies;


We welcome the submission of original research papers that are not under review for workshops, conferences or other journals. We seek theoretical, experimental, methodological as well as application papers. Interested authors should send a tentative title and a short abstract (400-500 words) by October 19th.

Submissions will be reviewed by at least three reviewers, belonging to the Program Commitee of Ontose 2007 ( Selection criteria include: relevance, technical correctness, originality of the contribution and quality of exposition.

The submission should be 15-20 pages in length, including figures and references. The paper must be formatted according to the
Knowledge Engineering Review Journal style. Submissions should be sent in PDF format to one of the following email addresses:

Important Dates
  • Title and Abstract Submission: 19 October, 2007 (EXPIRED)
  • Full Paper Submission: 11 January, 2008 (EXPIRED)
  • Acceptance/Rejection Notification: 15 March, 2008 (NEW DEADLINE)
  • Publication: Autumn 2008