• 2006/present: Agent-based modeling and simulation (2012 edition in Moodle, site in Italian but slides in English, guests allowed but password is required: contact me via email to obtain it)
  • 2006/present: Distributed Systems (Laboratory)
  • 2015/present: Instruments and applications of the Web (Master Degree in Theory and Technology of the Communication)
  • 2006/2012: Programming Languages (Laboratory) 
  • 2008/2012: SoftwareEngineering (Laboratory)
  • 2006/2012: Basic Informatics (Degree in Mathematics)
  • 2009: tutorial on "Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation" at the eleventh edition of the European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS'09) (slides)
  • 2008/2010: Knowledge Representation (Laboratory)


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