Research interests

My main research activities are focused on two main research fields: 

  1. the definition of models, instruments, tools and applications of Multi-Agent Systems;
  2. the modeling, design and implementation of Knowledge-Based Systems.

Multi-Agent Systems

The main focus of my research activities in this area was the definition of models for agents situated in environments characterized by an explicit spatial structure influencing agent's perceptions and possibility to act and interact with other agents by means of indirect interaction mechanisms. This modeling approach has been applied to (i) the modeling and simulation of complex systems (especially crowds of pedestrians), (ii) the modeling, design and implementation of adaptive web applications, (iii) the modeling, design and implementation of systems supporting context aware forms of interaction among human users and specific devices in ubiquitous computing scenarios. A recent ongoing activity is also aimed at adopting this modeling approach to support the definition of models for the self-organization of environments able to perceive the presence of humans and other relevant entities and react to realize forms of adaptation, either aimed at improving some feature of the environment itself or to supply some form of service.

Knowledge-Based Systems

My main efforts in this area were aimed at (i) defining models and mechanisms supporting the realization of knowledge-based systems supporting decision making activities and (ii) evaluating and applying models, techniques and instruments developed in the context of the Semantic Web to support the design and implementation of systems for the organization, integration and access to data, information and documents in the Cultural Heritage context. With reference to the first point, the two main investigated topics were, on one hand, the definition of knowledge models specifically conceived to support knowledge maintenance activities; on the other hand, the case-based reasoning approach was investigated, with particular attention to the phase of adaptation of solutions of past cases to the current situation. 

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