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Computer Simulation represents a way to exploit a computational model 

  • to evaluate designs, plans, models without actually bringing them into existence in the real world or context of application, or 
  • to evaluate theories and models of complex systems by envisioning the effects of the modelling choices, with the aim of gaining insight of their functioning.

Results, models and techniques developed in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have often been applied in the context of simulation, from the adoption of agent-based approaches to the modelling of complex systems to the employment of learning techniques for simulation model design, calibration and optimization. On the other hand, simulation has also often been employed by AI for tasks that vary from the systematic testing of models, instruments and theories, to the realization of what-if scenarios supporting specific forms of reasoning techniques.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together competencies, experiences, reflections on the founding assumptions and best practices related to the employment of AI techniques for simulation and for the exploitation of simulation techniques in the context of AI research. The workshop is meant as a forum for researchers active or interested in the relationships between AI and simulation, supporting the discussion of results, relevant research advances and methodological reflections, fostering thus interdisciplinary discussion and cross fertilization of the involved disciplines and application areas.