ABModSim 2008


Second International Symposium on Agent Based Modeling and Simulation
(Symposium L of the EMCSR 2008)

Chairs: Stefania Bandini, Paolo Petta and Giuseppe Vizzari

at the 19th European Meeting on Cybernetic Science and Systems Research
March 25 - 28, 2008 - University of Vienna

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Cybernetics and Systems

Bandini S., Petta P., Vizzari G. (eds.):
Best of “Agent Based Modeling and Simulation 2008”,
Cybernetics and Systems 40(5), 2009.


The notions of agents and multi-agent systems have been adopted for the modeling of complex systems in most various contexts: from social sciences, to urban planning, biology, logistics and production, and many other more. Agent based models and simulators are used for research as well as for business/industrial applications. However the concepts behind the term agent are often quite different, as well as the goals of the modeling and simulation activities. This leads to different approaches, models, mechanisms, methodologies and developed computational systems supporting simulation of the modeled realities.

The aim of this workshop, building on the experience of the first edition, is to bring together competencies related to agent based modeling and simulation in different contexts and thus to try to identify common goals and research issues, and to possibly define common methodologies and requirements for computational supports to agent based modeling and simulation.

Topics of Interest

We invite papers on all aspects relating to agent based modeling and simulation, with particular attention to interdisciplinary experiences. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Authors are required to address the following issues:

Accepted Papers

Andreas Schadschneider
Role of conflicts and friction in cellular automaton models (presentation)

Giuseppe Vizzari, Andrea Bonomi and Flavio S. C. da Silva
A Framework for Executing and Visualizing Situated Cellular Agent Based Crowd Simulations (presentation)

Armin Seyfried and Andreas Schadschneider
Validation of cellular automata models of pedestrian dynamics using controlled large-scale experiments (presentation)

Andreas Pyka and Ramon Scholz
A Schumpeterian Model of Energy Markets (presentation)

K. R. Shanmugavalli
Pedestrian behavior in an urban shopping street

Johannes Textor and Björn Hansen
Improved Simulation Algorithms for Agent Based Models of the Immune Response (presentation)

Minh Nguyen-Duc, Zahia Guessoum, Jean-François Perrot, Jean-Pierre Briot and Olivier Marin
A Multi-Agent Approach to Reliable Air Traffic Control (presentation)

Rodrigo Braga, Rosaldo Rossetti, Luis Reis and Eugénio Oliveira
Applying multi-agent systems to simulate dynamic control in flexible manufacturing scenarios (presentation)

Wim Zeiler, Gert Boxem, Rinus van Houten, Willem Wortel, Joep van der Velden, Gerrit Kamphuis and Maarten Hommelberg
User-based indoor climate control based on agent technology in the Flexergy project (presentation)

Bruno Kaustuv De Biswas and Simon Kim
A Multi-Agent Framework to Morph between Non-Commensurable Perspectives: Game City

Giacomo Cabri, Letizia Leonardi and Mariachiara Puviani
Methodologies and Infrastructures for Agent Society Simulation: Mapping PASSI and RoleX

Cornelia Triebig and Franziska Klügl
Elements of An Appropriate Documentation Framework for Agent-Based Simulation Models (presentation)

Program Committee

Further Information

For more information please contact Giuseppe Vizzari (giuseppe.vizzari [at) disco.unimib.it).